Your place 



*transport fee & expenses will be required   

2 hours: 800$ 

3 hours: 1100$

Dinner date 4 hours*: 1200$

Dinner date 6 hours*: 1500$

Dinner date 8 hours 2100$

Overday 12 hours: 2500$

Overnight over 15 hours: 2500$

24 hours: 3500$

48 hours: 4500$

72 hours: 5500$

1 week: 8000$

       My place when visiting

       1 hour 400$ 

       1,5 hour 600$ 

       2 hours: 700$  

       3 hours: 1000$   

       After 9 pm is 500$/hr                                                                                                                                                                                                                     except if it’s part of a longer encounter

       I don’t receive after 11pm                                   


       for company on social or private settings
       not to  be combined                                                                                                                                                                                                            start at 2 hours 400$each subsequent hour 200$ 


        fetish & all specialized roleplay with or without equipment                                                                                                                                       Add 100$ extra
















*Short Dinner dates include to eat at a restaurant/social activities & private appetizer/dessert as an around half-half proportion

**When sharing a night, I will require a minimum of few hours of continuous beauty sleep 

***I will gladly grandfather my old friends of all Canada keeping the same donation for them when we did meet, as they wish.                


I am open to specific requests as for clothes, color of make-up & etc and if I don’t already own I will invite your kindly to bring it or to send me a deposit to permit myself to buy it.

Everything  with empathy, courtesy, respect & most important conviviality
                                                                             I’m wearing always my legendary smile

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