I shouldn’t have to build an etiquette section, because for me it’s simply  often just common sense & respect, but well, it seems that I have to. Few points to assure ourselves the best encounter possible:  °I would like you to present ~discreetly in a gift card if we’re in public~ the donation at the beginning of our time together to free our minds with those basic questions from the start and us being able to concentrate 100% on the pleasure. °If I have to say “no” to something, I am asking you please to not insist, if you proceed as I wouldn’t have said nothing, I will end our time together and keep the entire donation.  °About hygiene, I am asking you to not be shy to use soap everywhere the sun doesn’t shine and to be sure that your nails are well trimmed. I am asking you to use mouthwash ~I will provide non-alcool one~ and to wash your hands with soap and rince well at the beginning of our private time together.  °I really do like to provide company to all kind of gentlemen with different shapes, beliefs & backgrounds. I don’t discriminate on any of those attributes but I do on bad attitude even in the first written contacts, it will just make me refuse to meet you. °I’m one of the rare women that adore beard and also, hair on the chest, but it needs to be soft and not prickly. °I don’t accept any treatments on myself that could hurt me for real.  °I don’t accept contact of fluids on mucosa. °And probably the most important, when we will be together, that’s time to relax and enjoy plenty the moment. I can understand that maybe you have an important call to make/receive, but I would prefer if the most possible I could have all your attention 😉





Q: What kind of encounter we could be sharing… ?

My mission during an encounter is to make you forget your day-to-day life and create a bubble of pleasure based on your needs & interests. You will find me smiling & happy to meet you… and thereʼs good chances that I will make you laugh. I’ve been told many times that I am a real ray of sunshine.  If the occasion is presenting itself, it could be from creating a very personal spa where you will be all pampered or you can even choose something more spicy if you are having a more adventurous heart and, that’s you to choose and to let me know in advance so then, I can prepare accordingly. I will build the encounter of your dreams.  Another option, and not the least because I am a foody and a good cook as well, we could also share some delectable tapas & wines on location or even share a complete lunch/dinner in some nice restaurants. Simply, you will just feel that you are meeting a long-term friend and having a great time with her. Slow pleasures are definitively the most satisfying. 

Q: Could you send me pictures, could I see picture of your face?

I’m sorry to tell you no and now more than never.  Discretion is paramount for me, but it should be for you too. But rest assured thatʼs my best asset, I am definitively possessing beautiful traits, nice hazel eyes, beautiful straight teeth and that smile  😉

Q: Are you available for a same day request?

With someone that I established earlier contacts, the chances are more than probable of course, if I am free. In fact, thatʼs never too early to contact me and to invite myself to join you, much more if you are a visitor of Montreal and if you want to be sure that we will be joining together during  your stay. In fact, if you’re new to me, and if you really want to smooth the process, sending complete infos with a friendly approach including your preferences about the options of encounter, time, day, duration & location, and of course, if you include also ok’s from P411 -my P411 system ID: P178298- and reference from another independent companion that I can contact,  all these will help to make the things simpler and faster, and it shows how serious you are.  I confess, avoiding psychopath/abusive people around me is paramount for me.  Isn’t for you too? 😉

The number of non serious demands is enough important in all Canada to take action to decrease this waist of time.

Take note that I need you to contact me via a real phone number if you choose to do so, and I can ask for a deposit if you don’t have any reference.   If you contact me to join you at your classy hotel, I will simply call you at your room, and yes, that’s really much simpler  😉

Q: And what about cancelation, report?

In the same spirit to fight the non-serious demands, I have to put clearer limits from now.  After one cancelation, I will ask for a light deposit of 50$ to accept a next demand. If you just report, there won’t be a fee, but I am having a 3 strikes-out policy now.

Q: How can I make my deposit?

In Canada, it is really simple by email transfer to a not related email address for discretion purpose or

I can propose an alternative option. Just ask me.

For an International deposit: that’s also possible, just ask me. 

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