I could describe myself to be close in my thoughts to the intellectual Libertines of the 17th century   

I’m the mixture of my experiments and my meetings in life. Quite as Nietzsche thought, I believe ” to become what I am ” I strongly believe that we are what we dare to be, or to do.  I am a lady with a mixed heritage from a Mediterranean and a French-Canadian parents, born in the province of Quebec, Canada, and I have been raised and still living in a French speaking country area. My mother tongue is French, my second language is English with a sweet accent. I kept a beautiful simplicity and the power to be amazed in front of the little things of life, and such appreciating even much more some luxury.  I’m having an healthy well-balanced life, being pretty lucky to be such in good shape, taking no medicine nor consuming drugs  but I will share with joy a good glass of wine, liquor or champagne in good company.  I’m standing presently 5’3 around 130 lbs, on a mixed of regular & muscular body, looking younger that my chronological age. 

My work & life background is rich of diverses experiences. I have been the life partner of a successful businessman over a decade, and I studied many times in different fields all along my life possessing diplomas in health, technology, arts & business. So for me, you can imagine that’s a delight to be with someone with a different background or with another hedonist.  It is always an enjoyment to meet kind, educated, rational and/or passionate  people. Stimulating exchanges appear inevitably, and that’s one of my great pleasures in life to connect with others. It explains why I thrive in my activities. Everything that gives life worth to be lived attracts me. My insatiable curiosity encompasses everything, from the smallest creatures to human beings with their thoughts, interactions and experiences, it fascinates me.  Since my early childhood, I’ve always stood out from the crowd, starting with the fact that I was one of the unique people with mix heritage in a almost 100% “pure laine” environnement, and if we  add that a mix of intellectual, technical & creative soul is possessing my body, we obtain then a Maria Divina. ;-)))  Also even if I am of an atypical mind, I am no way possessing an anarchic profile being naturally of a pleasant and empathic nature.   This said,  I am a free spirited thinker, looking for hassle free contacts in life, without any string attached, just building nice memories to keep for the future.  I hope to meet people who feel the exact same.


Being very curious and an insatiable learner, I had study in many fields and possessing many diplomas and recognitions in my previous works & studies. We will be able to exchange on a wild variety of subjects, but the ones that passionate me the most are health, arts,  nature, animals, plants, humans and their interactions (let’s say a mix of sociology & psychology & theology & philosophy and less politic, but always curious to hear what you could say about it to have your point of view ), food & cooking, trips. One subject that begin to appeal me is economy. 


My hobbies are quite simple; taking long walk in the nature, cooking & inventing recipes, gardening, bicycling, going to the beach, visiting new places for their history & food, listening to music “from the heart”, seing a good movie and analysing it after, visiting museums, tasting a good cup of coffee or a fine liquor. I had always dream to learn golfing, but I do occasionally ice skating, skiing and I adore recreational activities in the wood and on the water all year long.  




                                                                                                                                           Age: over forty

                                                                                                                                             Height: 5’3″

                                                                                                                                          Weight: 130lbs

                                                                                                                                 Measurements: 34C-26-42

                                                                        Body type: Mix of muscular & small-medium build, thin waist with larger bottom and thights 

                                                                                                           Hair: very long, silky dark & reddish brown & grey

                                                                                                                                           Eyes: Hazel

                                                                                                                                       Shoe size: 71/2-8

                                                                                                              Origin: mix mediterranean & french canadian

                                                                                                                             Langages: French & English

                                                                                                                                    Smoke: rarely cigar

                                                                                                                            Drugs: none legal & illegal

                                                                                                        Alcohol: Socially, dry wines/champagnes & liquors

                                                                                        Non-alcolic beverages: Water, regular & sparkling and my love, coffee

                                                                                                                                Piercing: Ears & navel

                                                                                                                                        Tattoo: none

                                                        Food:  Mediterranean-low carb style diet, meat/fish/cheese/vegetables/nuts/berries ~without sugar~ No allergy 


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