I am very flattered that you want to share a moment together.   Let me share my few expectations about my eventual partner of encounter. I could in fact simply resume it to my natural will to surround myself with people having a great emotional intelligence and/or truly enjoying to celebrate life together and on the more down-to-earth side, with someone who smells nice. I’m quite really charmed by someone who took the time to groom and be prepared adequately. I’m a hedonist that is looking for all the pleasurable moments possible in good company, what can I say? 😉

For a very first encounter, you might write directly to me at without forgetting all the infos required 😉

For a second and following encounter, you can text me at 514-600-7333

NB: Infos requiredThe eternal W’s : °Who are you? (short presentation that might include your type of occupation, your hobbies & a physical description -I adore especially the last to be able to visualize your personality & body type 🙂 …)   °Where do you want us to meet?   °When would be your favorite date(s) & time(s) ? (without forgetting the duration that you might having already in mind -may be possible to extend on the moment just mention this possibility when reserving)    °What kind of encounter would you like us to enjoy together? (sweet, spicy, social, fly-me-to-you)   °Who is your reference (if you don’t have any, I have alternative options including a deposit)   °Where did you hear about me?


I hope this few pages succeed to give you a good general idea about who I could be, 

and if by any mean you feel that we could rock both of our worlds for a fugace moment, you are more than welcome to contact me. 

Au plaisir then to make further acquaintances

Maria Divina xox


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